Almost Family almost at a bottom?

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Well, I certainly would not have guessed this is where the positions would be when I initially entered my short put trades on PHM and AFAM a couple weeks ago. I suppose that’s the beauty of playing around the stock market. You never really know for certain what is going to happen! read more »

Position Update: PHM, AFAM – January 23

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PHM snapshot - 2009-01-23

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Okay, once I get going with things a bit more, I’d like to at least make bi-daily updates, but I guess I first need to get in a groove here. As a quick pre-noon glance, the short puts on PHM and AFAM are still holding up. read more »

Current Positions: Almost Family and Pulte Homes

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Let’s kick things off by going through my current positions. Last Friday was expiration for January options. I had already closed out of all my previous positions, so I started to look towards February options for new opportunities. Both Almost Family (AFAM) and Pulte Homes (PHM) have been on my watch list since November. AFAM because it was touching new highs and had building pessimism, which is a good contrarian mix. PHM was put on my list due to an article on Shaeffer’s Investment Research (SIR) about a play on Pulte Home’s long-term support. read more »

Initiating Launch Sequence

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Here is the obligatory “Hello, World!” entry to this blog. I just got the blog engine setup, and am now playing with Twitter. Should start getting some real content up soon.

So, what should this blog do? Well, selfishly, it will be a home for me to record my thought process for my shrinky-dink options trading account. I’ve read in numerous places that it is a good practice to record all of the information you use in deciding on which trades you enter into, as well as the onese you exit. That way, you have a snapshot of your decision that you might not otherwise have. Sure, you’ll be able to see the purchase price you bought (or sold) an equity for while you’re in the trade, plus a great deal more. However, after you exit a trade, it starts to get more complicated. By then, it usually is just entry and exit price that you can look back at to compare against other trades.

I believe it’s much more than just an entry and exit number, especially when it comes to options. There is the strike price, the risk/reward ratio, the underlying stock price before, during and after the trade, and much more. I want to record this info somewhere so I can look back on my trades and try to learn from my mistakes. Of recent, I’ve had a decent amount of success, and would like to continue growing not only the size of my brokerage account, but also my trading knowledge.

With any luck, you readers might pick up a thing or two, as well. I’ll try to make sure it’s more than what NOT to do with any given trading opportunity. But if I go down in flames, hopefully at least some of you will be able to enjoy the ride.

My goal is to get a couple more posts going this week to explain some background on my current trading. Once I get everyone caught up, there should be regular posts on current trades, research findings and other market updates that I find interesting or pertinent. <disclaimer>Just keep in mind, I’m a complete amatuer and not in anyway directing or suggesting anyone to follow my lead. Any decisions you make to enter a trade are yours, and I claim no responsibility for your actions or outcome.</disclaimer>

Welcome to the show!