Profitable Week and Trading Rules

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Woohoo! Positive $400 for the week. Not my biggest gain, by any means, but any week positive is something to celebrate. Still feeling like I’m learning a lot, and definitely know there is still plenty to learn. This week being options expiration for October was particularily interesting. Biggest lesson for me this week is to cut losers short and let the winners run. Could have easily doubled my profits if I’d follow those two like I should have. That’s what next week is for!

To help share some of that learning I need to do, here is a typed up version of a couple sets of scanned trading rules, as provided by rolcol325. The list is apparently from an old trading card he had access to. At any rate, here are the lists: read more »

February Expiration Week Recap

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February options expiration.

February options expiration.

All right, February equity options are done. I managed to pull in and retain about $600 for the month. Not to toot my own horn too much, but that’s not bad considering the size of my trading account (deposits totaling $3500), and that I originally received about $890 in cash through the sale of put options on PHM and AFAM. Here’s a review for the last 4-ish weeks on those stocks and the plays I made on them.

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