Hiatus Over, Back in the Game with thinkorswim

Okay, I’ve been out of the market craziness for a few months now. A combination of factors involved, but I’m recharged and ready to go. And so is my account! I’m actually waiting for final clearance on the initial deposit into my shiny new thinkorswim account. I’m very excited to be ditching Etrade’s very-not-options-friendly platform for TOS’s setup. I’ve been playing around in there for a while, but excited to actually put some skin in and see how I can handle the pressure.

I also just purchased one month of @stevenplace’s premium service for his Investing With Options blog. I’ve been following Steven for several months via Twitter, and am hoping to gain some extra insight through his StockTwits service. I’ll post my own versions of any trades going on so you can see what I’m up to, but feel free to pay some money to follow a professional with all the gory details.

So, I’ll be officially back up and running very soon. More posts to come when that happens. Until then, happy trading!

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